To Partners

For the product delivery contract please provide us with the following documents:

  1. copy of Tax Authority Registration Certificate (INN - Taxpayer Identification Number / KPP - Tax Registration Reason Code)
  2. copy of the certificate to confirm that the company is included in the Unified State Registry of Legal Entities (Primary State Registration Number)
  3. copy of information letter to Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations (identifications established as per Russian National Classifiers, such as OKPO - National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations, OKVED - Russian Classification of Economic Activities)
  4. copy of the Articles of Association (Pages 1-3 and the final page)
  5. copy of the Articles of Incorporation (if available)
  6. copy of the Branch Regulations (for branch offices)
  7. signatory power of attorney (if the person signing the contract is not acting under the Articles of Association of the Company)
  8. partner details, including full postal and registered address, Director and Chief Accountant full names, bank details, full name of Executive, contact details (telephones, e-mail)

Company Details

Registered address: 453256, Republic of Bashkortostan, Salavat, 30 Molodogvardeytsev ul., building А, Office 19.
Postal address: RF, Republic of Bashkortostan, 453256, Salavat-6

INN: 0266032970;
KPP: 026601001;
OKVED: 24.66.4, 51.55, 51.55.3, 51.55.34, 51.56, 51.70
OKPO: 61182334

Bank details
a/c 40702810000000000871
in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Main Branch for the Central Federal District
Correspondent account 30101810545250000079
BIK (Sort code): 044525079

Certificate of incorporation of the legal entity
Series 02 No.006281158
OGRN 1090266001165
Federal Tax Service Inspectorate in Salavat of the Republic of Bashkortostan, issued 02.12.2009.

Shipment details:

Covered train cars, gondola cars and tank cars with petrochemical products.
Salavat station, Kuybyshevskaya Railroad.
Station code: 653003.

20 ft, 40 ft railroad containers.
Sterlitamak Station, Kuybyshevskaya Railroad.
Station code: 652706.

Salavat Catalyst Plant code: 9145.