Salavat Catalyst Plant human relations policy is an integrated system of interactions with personnel aimed at improvement of cost efficiency and social responsibility.

Key purposes of our HR policy:

  • Ensuring ready availability of qualified personnel for the Company structural units; 
  • Creating conditions for development and use of human resources, benefiting the most from people‚Äôs talent;
  • Catering to social and economic expectations, needs and interests of the Company employees;
  • Strong motivation and professional growth of people.

Salavat Catalyst plant is a team of assertive and competent professionals. We develop and value our people, and welcome highly skilled applicants in our team.


CV Form for applicants.

Please note that your CV is a must for your job application to be considered by our company! Our specialist scrutinizes all incoming CVs. Please send your CV to

Please be aware that we will only contact candidates who successfully passed the competitive selection. Your CV might be revisited in case we have another suitable opening. 

Thank you for your interest in our Company!