Scientific Research Works and Research and Development Activities

Salavat Catalyst Plant together with leading petrochemical holdings and scientific institutes of our country takes scientific research works and research and development activities in the frame of Import Substitution Programme.

Development of the process and industrial-scale production of silica gel adsporbents are results of this interaction. At the present moment we continue optimization of their characteristics and development of new products providing quality gas treatment in full compliance with the customer's requirements.

For example, moisure-proof activated finely porous silica gel has been developed for bottom layer protection from condensed moisture. This product is also recommended for using in adsorption processes with low temperature of dehumidifier regeneration.

To protect bottome layer from spreading of condensed moisture, Salavat Catalyst Plant has developed moisture-proof zeolite adsorbent, which also can be used to adsorb moisture from a saturated stream. New adsorbent provides 3 times larger water vapour capacity at 100% humidity in comparison with aluminum oxide which is traditionally used as a protective layer.