Simulation of gas dehydration / gas purification processes

Simulation of processes carring in adsorbent at the time of its operation and regeneration:

  • Gas distribution of feeds and regeneration gas over the vessel volume;
  • Adsorption layer saturation with water and other compounds over the layer's length and radius in time dependence;
  • Heating effects in adsorption and regeneration processes;
  • Desorption of different compounds in sorbent regeneration process.
    This data allows to suggest the most effective sorption system (one or several types of sorbents), to optimize the regeneration cycle.
Simulation of gas dehydration / fine purification processes
Simulation of gas dehydration / fine purification processes

Simulation of the process allows to perform timely the following things:

  • To calculate changes in adsorption characteristics of the system under modifications of working conditions (temperature, pressure, raw materials consumption), raw materials components;
    (considering each component of the mixture including injections of individual components, appearance of the new one etc.).
  • To calculate thermodynamic parameters of the system;
  • To set required parameters for adsorption complex selection;
  • To choose type and characteristics of the adsorbent in accordance with feed composition and operating conditions;
    In cases of adsorption complexes - to optimize each layer amount in accordance with end product quality demands.
  • To optimize feed flows distribution in accordance with internal structure and adsorbing elements;
  • To calculate temperature and pressure drops at any time during operation cycle;
  • To calculate adsorbers recovery parameters, based on desorption of individual components of gas mixture;
  • To optimize recovery parameters in cases when wide range changes in parameters are not possible due to technological reasons;
  • To make a forecast of adsorbent working time and give recommendations regarding service life extension.